Presentation of the Artist,


"My name is Pagès Jean-Marc, artist sculptor, painter, and creator of numerical tables (born in 1951 in Nîmes).

My artistic activities are characterized by several styles, the contemporary form which expresses more my personality and which is characterized by its originality is represented inter alia by the sculptures on stone of Lens that I produced (examples the Siamese ones or Dionysos and others) in triangular forms close to the cubism, even if that is not similar, they innovate as regards style.

You will notice the abstract sculptures which draw from imaginary moment... and which materialize in human or animal forms where the barrier of time and space is crossed without taboo...

The research of the abstraction cannot suffer from the notion the top and of bottom nor of the usual order of the things which structure matter and the discipline!

The abstraction is a form of recreation of the spirit, but of course a priori its first aspect lets it appear incoherent, my abstract sculptures are not nothing other than one of the materialized forms.

The work of wood like that of the stone and the marble, are only the prolongation of my trade of origin (cabinetmaker). The art of the mosaic and painting are for me only the normal course of the things to create more originality.


The broadmindedness which is essentially plastic, by its richness gives us since the bottom of the ages (pleiad of constructions and artistic designs), which anoblie our humanity, I express myself in this 21st century by numerical works, which tables as well in the traditional one as in the contemporary innovate; It was for me a true revelation (a few years ago) when I used a "very new" way to produce these numerical tables, which had not been made so far ( in this manner), the effects which accompany them are not an innovation but offer more prospect to the latter, my site on the Net into present a certain quantity.

I wish that you will appreciate.

The purpose of the presentation of my numerical works is to expose a ` new form of painting ', moreover these original tables do not miss creativity, as well in their contemporary form traditional, to see also abstract.

Returned colors on monitor of these numerical tables gives the plenitude sought in the variation of the tonalities and the effects of depth!

I wish with the visitors who looks for the first time these digital images on my site of curiosity astonishment to see it even pleasure.